Pregnancy and The JPillow

Notes 5, page 2Let me begin by sharing an anecdote with you:

I was at the airport last month, jetlagged, minding my own business, and walking around like I always do: with my carry-on packpack and my JPillow hanging on it on the outside. While waiting to go through security, the girls behind me in line were having a riot – they were literally bent over in laughter, unable to string-up full sentences, and tears were coming out of their eyes. I kept turning around being like, “what the hell?” (remember, I was jet-lagged) because they were being extremely loud.  I had no idea what they were laughing about; I didn’t until later, when I found out they were laughing at me! Well, at my JPillow specifically. They kept taking selfies with it too – next to the pillow, behind the pillow, with their mouths wide open in front of it. All because, apparently, the JPillow looks like… the male organ. I frankly never saw it that way but when I looked at it from their eyes, just hanging from my bagpack the way it was, well… the resemblance struck me too and then it was me who couldn’t stop laughing.

Now, some people – like these girls, I imagine – would consider the JPillow too much of a ridiculous item to ever consider buying. But I’ll tell you what, the pillow is not only great for travel, it’s great for pregnancy too! Just ignore its shape for a second and hear me out:

I found the JPillow last year when I was looking for a travel pillow that wouldn’t crank my neck to the point of rendering it useless. I travel a lot so I did a lot of research and, eventually, decided to settle on the JPillow. It had great reviews and I liked the versatility of it (I didn’t even notice its rather unique shape!) I took it to Sweden with me a couple of times and it was phenomenal – extremely comfortable against both the airplane window and my shoulder. It cradled my neck beautifully and it was just a joy to travel with. I then flew with it to New York – when I was pregnant – and that’s when I discovered how amazing it is for pregnancy too! This is why:

1. It keeps your legs apart (this is great if you get too hot at night!)
2. It makes you conscious of lying on your side (something that’s important to pay attention to when you’re in your second and third trimester)
3. It makes lying on your side really comfortable
4. You can use it higher or lower on your legs
5. You can place it behind your back when you’re watching TV or reading – to give you better posture
6. You can put it on your bed or a choice and rest your head on it for great neck support!

I was actually eyeing some of those sausage-like full body ‘pregnancy’ pillows for a while but, so far, I find the JPillow to be great for helping me have a good night’s sleep. It’s also a lot less bulky and doesn’t take up the equivalent of another person in your bed. Try it out for yourself and report back! Just remember: when you’re traveling with it, you might want to keep it inside your bag 😉

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