Red Pepper & Sweet Potato Savory Pancakes

This recipe was originally published at but I’m publishing it here too because I’d like it to represent the first out of a new category of ‘Mom and Baby Recipes’ – you know, recipes suitable to make in big batches, for both mom and (solid-food-eating) baby to enjoy!

unnamed (2) 2I’ve been making these pancakes a lot now! Using not only red peppers and/or sweet potato but also spinach, broccoli, green beans, cawliflower, and/or leeks! They’re reeeally goooood.

This is what I do:

I make one big bowl of batter and, out of that batter, I fry up two large pancakes (on a pan with tiny bit of coconut oil). One of the pancakes I cut up into strips and give to the baby – she absolutely LOVES it! The other pancake I then season and stuff with cheese – either ricotta or feta, or a combo of cheese and chicken +/- more veggies, for me. The end product features a nice amount of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals – and it’s deliiiiicious. Like I said above too, you can play around with your veggies as well. These pancakes here, for instance, feature not only red pepper but also sweet potato. Here’s the recipe:


1/4 red pepper (20g)
1 small cooked sweet potato (70-100g)
40g of rolled oats (a bit under 1/2 cup)
3/4 cup (140ml) Two Chicks liquid egg whites


1. Blend everything together.
2. Panfry on a bit of coconut oil!

Macros per pancake (out of the two you get from the mix above): 143kcals, 11g protein, 20g carbs (out of which 3g is fiber!) and 2g fat.


IMG_0243 1 copy

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