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The point of this website is to connect you to people, information, and ideas you may not have previously considered. The goal is to give you access to, if not useful, at least thought-provoking and well-researched information.

Do feel free to leave your comments or questions below all the articles you find here. Baby Pow is about building a community of practice and knowledge which everyone is welcome to engage with.

Please note that we are not medical doctors, nor are we nurses or health practitioners. What we are is on a mission to cut through a lot of the misinformation that commonly gets shared as fact in the world of pregnancy, particularly when it comes to diet and training.

Do remember to consult your healthcare provider or physician before starting out any new training or dietary program and, as always, mobilize a critical approach to any information you find online, whether it be here or on any other website!

If you’d like to join us on facebook to continue any of our conversations, ask us questions, send through your comments, or suggest ideas for future post, join us here!

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